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Israel Licensed Tour Guide Course

Innovation, creativity, and adapting to the current trends in global tourism are the guiding principles of the updated and condensed tour guide course as recently developed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

Goals of the Program:

  • To train tour guides to guide Israeli tourists and Israeli tour groups.
  • To provide the guide with knowledge of the Land of Israel in the fields of archaeology, history, religions, daily life, flora and fauna, geography, art, architecture and current events.
  • To provide professional skills to guide the various target audiences.

Who is the program for?

  • For anyone interested in engaging in incoming tourism and guided by Israelis
  • For anyone who love trips that seek to enrich their knowledge of the Land of Israel
  • For graduates of studies on the subject of the Land of Israel, archaeology, history, Bible, geography, geology.

*  Advantage for foreign language speakers - possibility to guide tourists


  • Candidates with a full matriculation certificate, a knowledge of the English language, an Israeli citizen or a resident of Israel (holder of a permanent resident visa) who have the ability to express themselves verbally will be admitted.
  • Candidates will be invited to an admissions committee, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Tourism.
  • A medical form must be signed by your physician allowing for participation in the excursions.
  • Candidates above the age of 30 who do not have a matriculation certificate can submit a certificate of proving completion of 12 years of study or a psychometric test score above 550.
  • Education certificates from abroad require approval of the education certificate from the Ministry of Education


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Academic Recognition

Licensing of tour guides on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism

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