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Israel Licensed Tour Guide Course

Tour Guide Course – Program’s Objectives:

  • Providing Tour Guides with knowledge about the Land of Israel, in the fields of Archaeology, History, Religions, Flora and Fauna, Geography, Art, Architecture, and Israel’s current affairs inSocial, Governmental, Economic and Political subjects.

  • Acquiring the ability for the Tour Guide to show visitors around the Country in a manner suitable to the diversity of the clientele.

Tour Guide Course – To whom is this program designated?

  • Everyone who is interested to work as a Guide with Foreign or Local groups of tourists in Israel.

  • All those who love excursions and would like to deepen their knowledge of subjects related to theHoly Land.

  • Graduates in Studies of the Land of Israel, Archeology, History, Bible, Geography, Geology.

  • Speakers of languages that are requested in the Tourism Sector – like German, French, Spanish.

  • Speakers of languages that are in high demand in the tourism sector, such as Chinese.